I have been training dogs and handlers for 14 years. I have worked as an instructor for both group and individual training. I currently have Min Pins but have trained everything from a St. Bernard mix to a Doberman to a Min Pin. Each breed has its own set of challenges and each individual within a breed learns differently. I believe in tailoring my training methods to meet the needs of the individual. In my classes I encourage a thinking dog and a thinking handler who is able to trouble shoot problems striving to understand why their dog displays certain behaviors.

Timline Hello Ruby Red Doll CDX, CGC

Dolly will be working toward her UD title in 2000.
Dolly earned her CD and CDX quickly, placing in ribbons everytime.

CH. Timline O'Custom Cruizer

Co-owned by Catie Petersen, Cruizer is out-going and confident. He will be working toward his CD title in the year 2000 to be followed by a CDX and Novice Agility title in 2001. At 2 years of age his potential is unlimited, watch for Cruizer's successes in updates.

Timline Out of Africa

Turned into a Minneapolis Humane Society for behavior problems, Kenya is in training for obedience and agility. She satisfies my need to fix what is broken and see what is possible.

I dedicate this page in honor of my first two obedience dogs. Both are deceased now, but still held deep in my heart.

To Paws my rescue shepherd/husky cross. Paws began my true love of obedience competition and respect of this true blue companion. Unable to show in AKC shows we trained and competed in fun matches and exhibition. Paws had an average score of 197. She taught me as much as I taught her. She is loved and remembered in honor of all the mixed breeds and what they have to offer.
To Woody who was my fist Miniature Pinscher. This is the story of the beginning with this 'large' toy breed. I was in El Paso, TX. at a show with my friend who competed with her GSD. I watched in amazement as each dog team exhibited in the classes. A top handler had just qualified again with high scores with her OTCH Belgium Tavern. Shortly there after she entered the ring again with this little B/R min. pin. in open. Excited to see a small dog in competition and expecting to see as great of a performance..... my eyes opened wide! The handler smiled through the exercises as the watchers had a great entertaining time watching. Needless to say the dog had what appeared to be a fantastic time doing most of the exercises HER WAY.
Later I talked with the handler and questioned the dogs performance, if you could call it that (she did not qualify!). She stated to me, "Well she hasn't qualified in 11 shows." So the next question from me was, "Then why do you keep showing her?" She boldly said, "She keeps me humble! Besides anyone who has not trained a toy dog really can not call themselves a trainer."
So the challenge had been set. My quest to find a toy dog to train and show in obedience competition was set in motion. I originally looked for a Papillion and could not find any in the area. So as fate has it, there was the Min Pins and Woody come home with me. He stole my heart and 15 years later I am still in love with this fun active breed.
Woody went on to be a 196 working dog earning placements and top toy standings in a short time. He taught me allot and I'm not real sure how we did it since we both were green way back then. With many thanks to friends and trainers and all the support we got our first AKC CD and the story goes on...............
So to Paws and Woody I honor you both for all you did and the undevoted love and companionship you offered unconditionally and with great forgivingness.

Each month I will offer new news and special thoughts or stories on or about obedience and now agility too. You never know what will be next.

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